Special Forces Charitable Trust


The Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides meaningful and sustainable support to our Green Berets - past and present - and their Families. All donations made to the SFCT are fully tax-deductible.

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The Special Forces Charitable Trust is dedicated to the sole proposition of taking care of our Special Forces Soldiers and their Families….  Our goal is to raise funds necessary to financially and professionally enhance the Command’s family resiliency initiatives.  Our objective is to support and sustain all programs that enrich the well-being, healthy living, and strong family bonds of a Green Beret Force committed to keeping America safe.



The Special Forces Charitable Trust financially supports the programs that promote the well-being, healthy living, and strong family bonds of our U.S. Army Special Forces and their Families to improve the quality of their lives while enhancing mission readiness.


Three Program Areas

The SFCT provides support in the following three areas:

  1. Family and Community Support

  2. Education and Motivation

  3. Veterans and Heritage



  1. Organize large Group-level Family Readiness Retreats

  2. Provide financial support to assist those left behind with items and services not funded by the Federal Government

  3. Fund Command functions for Special Forces Families



  1. Provide Spousal Scholarships for Special Forces Spouses who are furthering their educational and career goals

  2. Provide merit-based scholarships for children of active-duty Special Forces personnel in conjunction and association with the Special Forces Scholarship Fund.

  3. Fund educational programs and classes for SF Soldiers, SF Spouses, SF Families, and SF children



  1. Provide one-time need-based grants to Veterans in need

  2. Assist with the funding of memorials and monuments

  3. Financially support the Annual Special Forces Association's National Convention

*partial listing


United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets)

Known as the “Quiet Professionals”, Special Forces Soldiers maintain a proud history of not seeking recognition for their deeds, but recognizing that they are accountable to the American public. They represent 62% of the casualties in the Special Operations Community since 9/11, and the need for their special brand of military expertise has never been greater.  Green Berets will be on duty in over 70 countries around the world tonight, training indigenous armies, forging strong relationships with local communities, fighting heavily-armed rebel forces, liberating the oppressed, and providing a first line of defense in our fight against oppression and terrorism.


Leadership – Board of Directors

The SFCT has an all-volunteer Board of Directors consisting of thirteen (13) Governing Members and four (4) Honorary Members. Since the inception of the organization in 2010, 100% of Board Members have financially contributed to the organization annually.